Sonic “Flagship” Restaurant - Fort Lauderdale Beac

Sonic “Flagship” Restaurant - Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

EB-5 Investment Opportunity


Sonic is one of the most successful fast food restaurant franchises in the United States, ranking 4th1 in the nation ahead of other major fast food franchises, such as KFC. Sonic Corporation has a market value in excess of $450,000,000. Fort Lauderdale Beach is a world-renowned tourist destination located in the southern part of Florida, offering 23 miles of beautiful beach that connect to Miami Beach.

The proposed investment offers EB5 candidates the opportunity to participate in the development of the first sonic restaurant in the Fort Lauderdale Beach area.

Project Highlights

• State of Florida certified TEA zone/ USCIS approved & designated Regional Center

• Major publicly listed company (NASDAQ:SONC) with more than 50 years of success

• Project Completion Guarantee – No Development Risk – Jobs Will be Created

• More job creation per investor than what is required

• “Preferred Return” of 6% per annum to the investor, must be paid prior to the GP receiving any cashflows from the business. In other words, we do not make money until you make money.

• Equity conversion option that will allow the investor to share in the upside of the Company’s profits

• Exit Strategy to facilitate a liquidity event at the end of the fifth year

Panagos, Salver & Cook, LLP – a reputable and certified accounting firm – has determined that the value of the asset will be $5MM in 5 years

• If investment capital is not returned by the end of the fifth, “Preferred Return” increases to 8% per annum

• If no liquidity event has occurred by the end of the sixth year then a majority-in-interest of investors will have the right to appoint a new general partner to take over the management of the Company and/or force a sale of the asset

• Once built, the restaurant will instantly become an income-producing asset, generating significant cashflows. In 2009, the two nearest restaurants to the Sonic location achieved reported sales of $3.9MM and $4.9MM2

• Sonic will be the only “fast-food” restaurant in a 2.5-mile radius, and the only restaurant that will stay open 24 hours

• Project executives formerly owned a major firm that successfully managed real estate portfolios valued at more than $6.5 billion US

• In 2009, project executives developed and currently operate what has become the most significant restaurant on the coveted Island of Martha’s Vineyard – The Atlantic Restaurant. The Atlantic is expected to achieve more than $5MM in sales this year. www.atlanticmv.com

Chairman of company was one of the original creators of the EB-5 legislation, along with Senator Kennedy in 1990

• Advisory Board members include highly respected former federal government officials, which include the former Director of the United States & Citizenship Services, Emilio Gonzales, the former Director of the Department of Homeland Security, William Asa Hutchinson and the former Mayor of Miami, Emanuel Diaz.

EB-5 Investment Opportunity

The Sonic project will be administered though the Palm Beach Regional Center – a USCIS approved and designated regional center.

The location of the proposed Sonic location – 17 South Fort Lauderdale Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida – has been certified and designated as a “TEA” zone, therefore qualifying the investment for the $500,000 investment requirement.

Proven and approved job creation methodology. The job creation report has been established by USCIS approved and noted economist, Michael K. Evans of Evans, Carroll & Associates. Mr. Evans has successfully produced more than 70 Econometrics reports to the USCIS.

The purpose of the EB5 investment is to fund the development and operation of a Sonic restaurant that will be located at “The Gallery at Beach Place”, a popular oceanfront entertainment plaza and major tourist destination in Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida.

The Sonic restaurant will offer 5,638 square feet of oceanfront space with floor to ceiling window openings that look directly at the Atlantic Ocean. Seating capacity will be in excess of 205. The restaurant will feature bar seating and serve alcohol, including 28 varieties of beer. This Sonic will be the first Sonic in the company’s history that will have the ability to sell alcohol at one of its locations - a very important feature that will be a major driver of restaurant sales given the beach environment and large number of visitors/vacationers that come to Fort Lauderdale Beach. The restaurant will also feature an arcade room and it will be the only location in the area that will stay open 24 hours, offering live music entertainment to cater to the “late night” party crowd and offering breakfast to the early beach goers.

Additionally, there will be an additional 10 x 14 ordering area on the first floor of the Gallery at Beach Place that will allow a Sonic attendant to take customer to-go orders from pedestrians walking around the plaza and on the beach – a feature only being offered by Sonic restaurant. Investment will be in the form of a Limited Partnership; the developer will be the General Partner (GP) and the eight EB5 investors will be the Limited Partners (LP). The GP is funding the initial construction costs required to build the restaurant prior to the receipt of the EB5 capital – approximately $800,000. All of the necessary approvals to build have been granted by the state of Florida and construction will be underway shortly. EB5 capital will be used for labor costs, working capital and any additional improvements.

It is important to note that the developer has issued a Completion Guarantee on the project - committing to complete the construction of the project and pay for the cost of overruns, if any are incurred.

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