U.S Visa Categories

U.S Visa Categories

              A-1Ambassdor, diplomat or consular officer and their immediate family

              A-2Other foreign government official and their immediate family

              A-3Personal attendant or employee and their immediate family

              B-1Temporary business visitor

              B-2Temporary tourist visitors

              C-1Alien in transit -- travelling through the U.S. to a third country

              D   Crewmen (aircraft or sea)

              E-1Treaty trader, spouse and minor children

              E-2Treaty investor, spouse and minor children

              F-1Academic or language student

              F-2Spouse and minor children of F-1

              G-1 thru G-5International organization representative (e.g. United Nations), their immediate family, and staff

              H-1BProfessional worker in a specialty occupation

              H-2AAgricultural temporary worker

              H-2BNonagricultural temporary worker

              H-3Temporary trainee, special education

              H-4Spouse and minor children of H-1, H-2 and H-3 visa holders

              I Representative of foreign press, and their immediate families

              J-1Exchange visitor

              J-2Spouse and minor children of J-1 visa holders

              K-1Alien fianc'(e) of U.S. citizen and minor children

              K-3Spouse of U.S. Citizen

              L-1Temporary intra/inter company transferee

              L-2Spouse and minor children of L-1 visa holder

              M-1Student enrolled in vocational educational programs

              M-2Spouse and minor children of M-1 visa holder

              N-1thruN-7NATO Visa holder

              O-1Aliens of extraordinary ability

              O-2Accompanying aliens

              O-3Spouse and children of O-1/O-2

              P-1Internationally recognized athlete and entertainer

              P-2Artist and entertainer in reciprocal exchange program

              P-3Athlete and entertainer coming to the U.S. to perform in a group

              Q-1International cultural exchange participant

              Q-2Immediate family members of Q-1 visa holder

              R-1Religious worker

              R-2Spouse and minor children of religious worker

              S-1Aliens supplying key criminal-related information

              S-2Aliens supplying key terrorist-related information

              S-3Immediate family members of S-1/S-2 visa holder

              TNNAFTA professional

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