Types of EB-5 Regional Centers

Types of EB-5 Regional Centers

Regional Centers are now more popular than ever. EB-5 projects are established all over the United States that are or will be partially or completely funded by EB-5 investors' moneys. The handful of active Centers before has now grown to more than 60 with many more in the pipeline. That’s a lot of competition.

We believe that the Regional Center stands out from the others because of location, opportunity, and infrastructure and management team. Essentially, Regional Centers fall into one of two groups based upon certain characteristics and differentiating features.

Group 1 features a Center’s affiliation with or ownership by a governmental entity or quasi-governmental entity such as an Economic Development Agency. There are a handful of Group 1 types around the country, none in Florida.

Group 2 features a Center’s objective to make loans or n investment via a “new commercial enterprise” in the form of a corporation with Class A (or general partners) and Class B (or limited partners) investors. The investment can be placed into a project for use by a 3rd party, or to directly engage in a particular business, or in a joint venture with another company. There are respective advantages and disadvantages depending on the category. Our Center falls into Group

2. The “track record” of a Center - the number of I-526 petition approvals and the number of I-829 approvals - is one of the criteria by which a Center is judged. Other criteria are the factors noted above that set us apart.

Essentially, the EB-5 law allows qualified immigrants to "invest" the requisite "capital" ($1 MM or $500,000 USD in case of Targeted Employment Area case) of "lawful source" and to "engage" in a "new commercial enterprise" that will create (indirectly or by induced means in case of Regional Center EB-5 case) at least 10 new, full-time jobs.

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