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自1996年5月成立以来,胡德翰律师楼致力于处理美国投资移民,职业移民案件。总部在加州洛杉矶,在纽约、拉斯维加斯、旧金山和(中国)广州均设有分公司,能处理美国境内外各种移民案件。胡德翰律师楼采用最新技术,提供优质的专业服务,并逐渐发展壮大。作为一家大型的法律服务公司,我们有胡德翰这位具有丰富经验的移民大律师为您提供法律服务。我们不仅能提供全套的移民服务,还提供一系列全方位的移民咨询服务。本律师楼在处理申请职业移民I-140方面经验丰富,同时这也是本律师楼的日常业务范围。通过我们的不懈努力,加之专业的胡德翰律师给出的案件指示,我们能帮助你将案件提升到最有利的地位。我们已成功办理上万起移民案件,其中包括EB-1(EB-1A国外杰出人才),EB-1B杰出研究人员/杰出教授,EB-1C跨国公司经理和高级管理人员),EB-2(国家利益豁免和PERM劳工签证)以及I-485。除此之外,本律师楼在协助申请一些非移民签证也颇有经验,如H-1B, L-1,O, E, J-1两年豁免和B类签证。
胡德翰律师本人亲自审理客户案件,再将所需材料递交至美国移民局,包括准备诉讼信件,修订推荐信和其他一些支持性文件,案件追踪。文员协助胡律师准备客户案件包裹,并在律师楼里各位律师与宝贵的支持性服务人员交流沟通方面起到一个桥梁作用。 客户案件在提交至美国移民局之前都将由胡德翰律师本人亲自审理,以保证案件处理的质量。
Hu & Associates, P.C. (H&A) has been dedicated to the practice of business-related and employment-based U.S. immigration law since its founding in May 1996. Headquartered in Los Angles, CA, and with branch offices in NYC, LA, LV, SF .H&A can handle U.S. immigration cases anywhere within and outside the U.S. By embracing the latest technology and consistently providing excellent professional service, H&A has grown rapidly.As a premier law firm, our highly experienced immigration attorney JOHN D.HU can assist you with your legal needs. We provide not only comprehensive immigration services, but also detailed immigration consultations on a broad range of subjects.
Our firm is highly experienced in employment based I-140 immigration petitions, as we handle them on a daily basis. Through the incessant efforts and instructions that made by our professional attorney JOHN D.HU , we are able to turn average cases into strong ones. We have successfully filed over thousand successful petition of EB-1 (Alien of Extraordinary Ability EB-1A, Outstanding Researcher/Outstanding Professor EB-1B, and Managers and Executive Transferees EB-1C), EB-2 (National Interest Waiver and PERM Labor Certification), and I-485. In addition, our firm also has extensive experience in non-immigrant working visas such as H-1B, L-1, O, E, J-1 two year waivers, and B extension.
Our professional attorney JOHN D.HU handles our clients' cases by determining what evidence is needed to show USCIS; that includes preparing petition letters, reviewing recommendation letters and other supporting documents, and following up on pending cases. Clerks assist attorney with the preparation of each client's case package and act as liaisons between individual attorneys and our invaluable support staff. Each client's case submission is reviewed by our professional attorney JOHN D.HU for quality control before it is sent to USCIS.

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