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Can the US Naturalize Illegal Immigrants?

Can the US Naturalize Illegal Immigrants?

Immigration and naturalization go hand in hand for many immigrants who wish to come to the United States legally. Immigrant naturalization can be a lengthy and difficult process depending on the circumstances of the particular individual. A foreign citizen or national can become a U.S. citizen through immigrant naturalization. As is the nature of citizenship, the immigrant must pledge allegiance to the United States. In return, the immigrant will be granted citizenship and will be eligible for nearly everything that citizens of the United States are guaranteed. 

Legal immigrant naturalization is a process that has many requirements in itself. One of them is that the applicant must enter the United States illegally.

Other individuals, conversely, claim that amnesty provides incentive for further illegal immigration. In lieu of proposed legislation that has enumerated amnesty provisions and routes toward immigrant naturalization, detractors suggest guest worker programs if certain criteria are met, or more radically, mass deportation.  

Illegal immigrants have few options when considering the possibility of naturalization. Immigration and naturalization procedures are intended for those who enter the country legally and try not to reward those that break the law. In certain cases, an illegal immigrant may be able to receive immigrant naturalization but if their true eligibility is verified, this may result in a strong proponent and opponents of recent comprehensive reform attempts have argued heatedly about their implications and the effects a new bill will have on the United States immigrant naturalization process. Regardless, most would agree something needs to be done to the immigration and naturalization process to either naturalize the current illegal immigrant population or impose widespread deportations

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