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Preparing for the Marriage Green Card Interview

Preparing for the Marriage Green Card Interview

If you have applied for lawful permanent resident status in the United States of America based on your marriage to a US citizen, you will have to face the marriage green card interview questions at some point of time. You will be asked to a marriage green card interview usually after 6 to 12 months after you have submitted your application.

Preparing for the marriage green card interview questions is of vital importance. If you do not prepare for the interview adequately, you might cause a delay in the approval of your case. Further your application might be denied if you do not provide proper information about yourself at the interview.

This article will help you prepare to face the marriage green card interview questions comfortably.

Step 1: Make an effort to gather all the documents of your bona fide marriage, even though they were already submitted with your original Adjustment of Status application. Things like bank statements showing joint accounts, letters, e-mails, photos, cards would be very helpful. Remember to include as many documents as you can show joint ownership. These might include bank statements, tax returns, property titles, or any assets showing joint names. This list is not exhaustive in nature to prove that your marriage is bona fide. The bottom line should be that you should bring as much as proof as you can to the interview in order to convince the interviewer that your marriage was not a sham.

Step 2: You should be prepared to present the interviewer with your updated financial information. The immigration official would like to see that US citizen spouse and the immigrant spouse have a combined income of at least 125% of the federal poverty level. If for some reason you are not able to meet the requirement, you can get a co-sponsor who is financially self-reliant. If either of the spouses just started to work, than it would be to necessary to bring at least your last three year’s tax returns, pay stubs from the last few months, or salary verification from your employer.

Step 3: You should bring your passport to your marriage green card interview stamped with the non-immigrant visa, your I-94 form and your Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Also bring in your original birth and marriage certificates and any other documents that you might have used to enter the US. The interviewing immigration officer would like to see these documents.

Step 4: Remember to bring all other forms and documents that you originally sent in with your original application. Review your past application and answers so that you can be consistent during your interview.

Step 5: On the day of your interview, arrive well ahead of your scheduled time. Be neatly dressed and look conservative. Your dress need not be formal but wear something that is clean and business casual. The interviewer’s subjective impression of you will make a huge impact on the outcome of your marriage green card interview.

Step 6: Let your interviewing immigration officer that you have been married to your spouse for two years and that you to meet the marriage requirement.

Step 7: Answer all the questions honestly. If you do not remember simply say so and do not try to make anything up. Lying is the worst thing you can do.

Be calm, be yourself and good luck

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